Tuesday, December 27, 2011

White Picket Fences

Quote of the Week:
“Man feels himself younger and younger, the more he enters into the world of imagination.  He knows now that it was only the intellect which made him stiff and aged in his soul expression.”  RUDOLF MEYER Quoted from Michael Chekhov’s “On The Technique of Acting”

Song of the week:  “You Got To Go” by Above & Beyond

I grew up hearing about the post World War Two American dream; the one with a two floor, two bedroom house filled with a husband and a wife, two and a half kids, a dog, a big kitchen, a two car garage, and surrounded by the white picket fence.  I looked around at people with these things and assumed they were the happy ones, and those who did not have these things were the sad ones. 

I think the cool thing about growing up, the cool thing about learning, is that being wrong couldn’t feel more fun.

I’m learning, more and more, that my dream is not a usual one.  Tell me one person who actually has a ‘normal’ life dream. Right?  My dream is a funny mix of fanciful ideas, logical decisions, and quirky nuances and if there’s anything I’ve learned from the past few years of looking at how people in the US have struggled, it’s that we don’t dare to dream big enough or specific enough and we’re scared of the work we’ll have to do if we do dare to try.

This blog is me—Daring to “enter the world of imagination.”  Daring to dream.  AND daring to TRY.  This first post is one of the scariest things.  It puts me out there and says, “Ok, now you’ve got to own up boy!” 


What have I dreamed most about this week?
I’ve been dreaming of ending 2012 with the ability to go anywhere I want to with friends and loved ones next Christmas with out one care about how it will hurt my wallet or my profession.  I’m talking in a round about way of “Financial Freedom”; At least partial freedom or a good step towards it.

What have I done this week to get closer to my goals as an actor?
Well, I started a blog!  I made a list of people I need to talk to in order to learn more about the of-camera part of the film industry.  I sent a resume to a theatre.  I made a list of goals to achieve before the end of the 2011 year:  Read, mark, and begin character work for next show.  Start a promotional website.  Memorize a new monologue.  Set up a scheduled conversation with someone in the film industry.  Finish the inspirational book I’m reading right now.