Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In My Own Little World

Today’s Quote:
“The camera doesn’t have to be wooed; the camera already loves you deeply…  you have never known such devotion.  –Michael Caine

The dreams:
I just day-dreamed about remodeling a kitchen to be perfect for every one of my cooking fantasies.  Mmmm, food.

What did I “DO” this week?
O.K. So I guess it’s more like, “What did I do these past few weeks?”  I do apologize for my absence.  I had a bit of a spring-break and have been away from the-ol blog for a while. 
As you remember, I was submitting to agencies last time we talked.  I had an audition for the best agency in town and they basically liked me, but said I was not ready for camera work.  I was expecting that, but I admit: it took a while to get out of the pit of “I SUCK!!!”  I took it as a hint and in the last few weeks I’ve lined up some acting classes to try out and I got a plane ticket to see my friend’s wedding in L.A. (A good place to look for a workshop maybe?)  I also submitted auditions to some theatres in the mountains for summer.  I also had an "Extras" cattle-call audition for a Johnny Depp movie being shot in Colorado this summer.  Cattle-calls are silly ... just ... silly.   In general, I’m trying to re-open my eyes to this business and what I need to do next in it.

“In My Own Little World” is the title of this article and it is basically to say I need to be there more. 

These past few weeks have been hard because I think I’ve gotten very caught up in the lives and emotions of others in a way that hurts my life and emotions.  I think the practice of being in our own little world is about developing a thick skin, not just to our own failure and rejection, but to our friend’s and family member’s failures and defeats. 

I’ve been getting a lot of reminders to say to myself, “It’s their life.  Let them live it.  They WILL be okay.”  I’m sure I could say that about myself a bit more too…

What if we started every day with that simple statement or something like it (Perhaps the Lord’s Prayer, or Mrs. Eddy’s ‘Daily Prayer—For those of you who know it.)  It would be so great for us to remind ourselves… AND FULLY BELIEVE; This is our life.  We should just LET ourselves live it.  We will always be okay.   More than okay.  GREAT! 

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